Jigyasa Overview


                                                       HELPLINE FOR THE COMMON MAN  


It is often seen that due to unavailability of proper information people are moving from place to place in order to get their work done. BPSMS has taken a step forward to help the citizen. “JIGYASA” has been started on August 24,2010 with the purpose to guide the people  regarding their problems and to provide information.


“JIGYASA” is the place where one can find the correct information about concerned officers/ offices related to their problem and thus can help them to stop  wandering here and there.


Nature Of Work:

We provide the following information on the telephone:


Telephone Number :



~BPSM A Step Towards Responsive Government~

This service can be availed by any people from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

We welcome your queries......